Fine chanel BOY • FRIEND ladies replica watches uk

Chanel replica watches, is fashion, is the style, is the way of life. From the black dress, N ° 5,2.55 to camellia, two-color shoes, all this is Chanel’s fashion soul, enduring … … and the classic often have to withstand the precipitation of time, Chanel every burst of inspiration, are Classic continuation, as this BOY • FRIEND watch. Early in 2015, so far it is difficult to let go, just soft style, seemingly lost the women that some sweet, but with a difficult to resist the neutral temptation to capture the woman’s heart.

As Ms. Chanel said: “popular perishable, style forever”, BOY • FRIEND cheap replica watches the charm of the passage of time will become more moving, with purely simple lines, valiant neutral style, deep intoxicated.

BOY • FRIEND Tweed Black watch (from left to right: large, medium, trumpet)

As early as the 1920s, Ms. Chanel on the break through the norms, the traditional men’s clothing fabrics and tweed into the women’s clothing, leading a new look of fashion, open early neutral fashion. Yes, Chanel is good at male elements applied to the design of women, 2015 Chanel by virtue of this superior design, launched a new replica watches series, and in a very direct and ambiguous way named, handsome and charming, that is, We see this BOY • FRIEND today.

Hardness and softness of the BOY • FRIEND cheap fake watches design balance degree, beautiful shape, simple and pure lines highlight the charm of fashion. To the bold appearance of the new appearance to show valiant neutral style, noble and elegant, distributed subtle low-key tolerance. This piece with black oblique soft texture replica watches uk case to steel material to create, large watch size 28.60x 37.00x 7.75 mm, with hours, minutes, seconds display; medium watch size 26.70 x 34.60 x 7.33 mm, with time, minute display and date display plate; trumpet watch size 21.50 x 27.90 x 6.23 mm, with time, minute display, simple and elegant.

Dial design
Case shape derived from the source of Chanel inspired by the square of the square of Paris Fontaine Plaza, this unique octagonal has also been metamorphosis in the Chanel iconic Première replica watches design, and N ° 5 legendary perfume cap The The BOY • FRIEND once again interpretation of the octagonal moving elegant, simple disk design, without gorgeous modification, it is a complete highlight of the minimalist neutral style, and elegant temperament.

Twisted silk plate surface ornamentation pattern
With a black twist texture modified dial dignified and elegant, different sizes of fake watches uk, disk design is slightly different: large models in the disk 6 o’clock position with a small seconds, medium for the date display window, trumpet models Even more minimal, without any additional features.

Stainless steel case

M bezel set with bright diamonds
Case design, the designer is also providing a variety of options, such as large and small models with simple steel design, and the middle of the table beige inlaid bright bright diamonds, among the neutral beauty into the luxury of charming The temperament. Stainless steel case and edges and corners are used delicate polished and satin polished to purely perfect, but also to masculine texture against women’s soft.

Exquisite crown
Watch the steel crown inlaid convex round black spinel, waterproof 30 meters.
In order to echo the dignity of the black dial, replica watches uk strap with a stainless steel wire intertwined with the strap, in order to highlight the rich pattern of tweed fabric, precise deep pressure out of the delicate texture and embossed Chanel classic tweed Totem, while maintaining the strap with excellent flexibility to ensure the comfort of wearing. The edge of the strap combines the design elements of the knitting edge, highlighting the outline of the TWEED strap. This is also with the Chanel jacket pocket edge and cuffs at the knitting edge design exactly the same, and with double folding clasp.

Summary: Chanel BOY • FRIEND, must have some boyfriend wind, must have some neutral charm, but also must have some women taste, it is all the same as a lot, look at the heartbeat of the watch may only accelerate it The. Love Chanel replica uk BOY • FRIEND, is in love with a style, and a touch of offset and sharp masculinity.

Chinese and foreign stars interpretation of Cartier replica watches

  1. As a long history of creative watchmaking pioneer, Cartier fake uk subversive design again and again to refresh the original concept of the shape of the watch, Clé de Cartier watch, also live up to expectations.
    Since its inception, it is simple and elegant design and texture by many Chinese and foreign stars love, set off a wave of fashion. “Clé”, in French means “key”, is that just like jewelry, the shape of the crown of the romantic design, but also open the heart of the fashion tool. As the famous film director and fashion icon Sofia Coppola (Sofia Coppola) said: “Clé de Cartier replica watches is not only easy to match with a variety of shapes, but also can become the highlight of the shape, it is beautiful and low-key, extraordinary temperament, but the slightest Will not be overwhelming. ”

    Female star wear Clé de Cartier series watch

    New York ladies Olivia Palermo wear Clé de Cartier replica watches uk  attendance

  2. New York ladies Olivia Palermo wear Clé de Cartier watch attendance

    Clé de Cartier cheap replica watches – 18K rose gold, leather strap, diamonds
    Famous film director and fashion icon Sofia Coppola (Sofia Coppola) love Clé de Cartier watch

    Famous actor Liu Tao will Clé de Cartier fake watches uk as the finishing touch of the shape

    Famous actor Liu Tao will Clé de Cartier watch as the finishing touch of the shape

    Famous actor white lily wearing engraved with her name Clé de Cartier watch
    This watch is “China Film Director Association Annual Actress Award” prizes

    18K rose gold, diamonds

  3. Famous actor Ma Si pure interpretation of fashion wear wear

    18K rhodium-plated platinum, diamonds

  4. Famous actor Wang Ou

  5. Famous actor Zhang Jingchu

    18K rose gold, diamonds

  6. Miss World Zhang Zilin

    18K rose gold, diamonds

  7. Famous popular combination Twins
    Male stars wear Clé de Cartier series watch

    Famous actor Jin Dong deduction daily wear

    Famous actor Wang Kai Street wearing Clé de Cartier watch

    Famous actor Huang Xuan interpretation of daily wear
    Star couple wearing Clé de Cartier series watch

    Chen Xiao, Chen Yanxi couple wearing Clé de Cartier couple watches

  8. Swept the world ‘s “back portrait” couple

IWC Marks replica watches uk

In 1993, with the IWC replica watches launched Mark series XII (Mark XII) watch, the legendary Mark series 11 (Mark XI) watch finally retired. Mark XII (Mark XII) watch release, not only the Mark series completed from the military exclusive watch to the classic civilian watch the transition, but also subtlety between the shape of the future shape of the watch. Mark 12 watches and Mark eleven watch the same size, similar appearance, the main change is the introduction of automatic winding movement (JLC Cal.889 / 2), and add a date display window. Six years later, IWC improved the Mark series, launched Mark series 15 (Mark XV) replica watches uk, this watch equipped with superior performance Caliber 37524 movement (based on ETA 2892-A2), larger case size (38 Mm).

IWC Listen Mark Series 15 (Mark XV) watch
The Mark XVI watch, which came out in 2006, abandoned some of the core designs that no longer fit demand, using pilot pointers, which are longer, wider, and more accommodating (widening 1mm to 39mm) The case and dial. The dial changes the time scale font, also omitted the numbers “6” and “9”. Mark 16 watch equipped with IWC 30110 movement (also based on ETA 2892-A2), to maintain the anti-magnetic and waterproof performance. In 2012, the Mark 16 watch declared discontinued, the Mark Series XVII (Mark XVII) watch on the stage, further expanded diameter (41mm) to meet the trend of large-size cheap replica watches. IWC IWC also redesigned the date display window, similar to the display of the cockpit instrument.

IWC List of Mark 12 (Mark XII) watch
The current Mark Series XVIII (Mark XVIII) watch released in 2016, the regression series of core streamlined design. Case diameter compared to the Mark 17 watch narrow 1 mm, to achieve the ideal 40 mm, thickness 11 mm, again equipped with Caliber 30110 movement. The dial design inspired by the Junkers Ju-52 cockpit dashboard, remove the triple date display, simple and clear. Screw-in convex sapphire crystal can withstand sudden drop pressure without loose, double-sided anti-reflective coating treatment to eliminate unnecessary glare, to ensure better reading effect. Mark 18 fake watches with extraordinary anti-magnetic properties, waterproof up to 60 meters.

IWC Listen Mark 16 (Mark XVI) watch
Like all the iconic products, the Mark series watch is closely related to our time. We witnessed a evolution, after years of shaping a character can be competent for any of the classic watch. Just one come out, that is almost perfect, the introduction of date display, to be further improved. Mark series of watches unique style, not affected by the impact of fashion. Every mark watch has been, and still have everything you need, without the slightest impression.

IWC Listen Mark 10 (Mark XVII) watch
Take out any generation of Mark products (especially from Mark twelve), obviously it is the perfect daily watch; almost can be worn out of any occasion; the size is appropriate (now even more in the past); with a flat outline and eye-catching Fluorescent; relatively affordable, with a balanced tool watch style, accurate and reliable movement, and a clear dial and date display; with extraordinary anti-magnetic and waterproof performance; from a great Swiss watch company, the most important thing is to have unparalleled Of the descent. Mark series is not only a watch; it also represents the Swiss tradition of advanced watchmaking: a specification from the military needs, design a few flawless products, with the passage of time, clever and successful upgrade to meet market demand The In fact, it is this respect for the personality on the basis of appropriate improvements, the achievements of the Mark series of unique style.

IWC Listen Mark Series 15 (Mark XV) watch
In some ways, the Mark series – especially the current Mark XVIII – symbolizes the highest level of everyday watches. Its design focuses on the essence of essence, pure low-key, Zhen to minimalist. It certainly is not a simple suits watch, but also no intention to become a real sports replica watches. Wearing wrist, it will not shout to attract attention, will not boast to show off to show off publicity. Even if the history and descent can not touch the heartstrings, it is difficult to deny as a product, Mark series has been as close as possible to the perfect daily watch standard. In the words of Ferdinand Porsche: “The design of coordinated works without the need for unnecessary modification, with a pure form will be able to conquer others.”